One indicator of the coming growth in Emerging Markets, Boeing predicts 60% sold Asia, LATAM, and Middle East

Some of the folks out there have a US and EU focus on their data center services.  Others see the double digital growth in emerging markets.

Komonews reports on Boeing's 20 year forecast of airplane sales.

The 20-year forecast, which Boeing puts out annually, predicts 60 percent of the demand for aircraft will come from Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. The rest comes from carriers in Europe and North America.

With all that airline capacity the economic growth is there.

Among the new orders, 12,820 are expected to go to the Asia-Pacific region. The next-largest market is Europe, with 7,460 deliveries. Airline consolidation in the United States has caused orders to drop sharply there - a trend that is likely to spread to Europe in coming years, Tinseth said.

The double digit data center growth will happen in these markets, but it is much more expensive to build data centers in these places than the US.