One way to view what is important to Google's data center group look at the Google search UI

It is interesting thought experiment to be low level in data centers discussing sites, power, cooling, etc, then sometimes pop your head up and get a big picture view what you can see.  

I was chatting with a Google person last week and I was thanking him for a response to an e-mail I sent a year ago to check on their data center calculations on their web site.  Thanks X number of data centers is what you have and Y number of data centers will come on line within the next 12 months.  He was surprised I knew.  I told him I can count the number of announcements made over the past year.  It's easy to see when you know where to look.

When I was at another data center conference someone asked me what is Google going to do with all that capacity.  I don't know.

Then I saw the below graphic when I was playing around with some ideas of a Triumvirate.

And, then it is was simple to say.  Google is focused in order of priority - web, images, maps, shopping, videos, news, books, blogs, flights, discussions, recipes, applications, and patents.

I have a friend who is starting a company about recipes with plenty of funding.  Seeing the fact that Google is looking at recipes may mean a potential business model for her is be like Waze have a huge following and sell your company for cash to Google.  :-)