Google secures Swedish Wind Power for its Hamina Finland Data Center

Google has a blog post on its latest renewable energy agreement in Sweden.  Below is a map of the location of power from origin, where it exists in the grid, and the location of the Hamina Finland data center.


Google bought 100% of the wind power for 10 years.

Here’s how it works: O2, the wind farm developer, has obtained planning approval to build a new 72MW wind farm at Maevaara, in Övertorneå and Pajala municipality in northern Sweden, using highly efficient 3MW wind turbines. We’ve committed to buying the entire output of that wind farm for 10 years so that we can power our Finnish data center with renewable energy. That agreement has helped O2 to secure 100% financing for the construction of the wind farm from the investment arm of German insurance company Allianz, which will assume ownership when the wind farm becomes operational in early 2015.