BMW's i3 a car with carbon fiber made from low carbon power from Eastern Washington

I heard about the BMW i3 and when I looked it up the carbon fiber is manufactured in a new Moses Lake, WA.  Near where other data centers have gone.

At a dedicated facility in Moses Lake, Washington, BMW has partnered with SGL Group to fill all the i3's carbon fiber requirements. Producing carbon fiber since 2011, the hi-tech CFRP facility runs two lines, capable of producing 1,500 tonnes of fiber per year. Fibers are then shipped to the Wackersdorf Innovation Park where they are transformed into basic carbon fiber sheets. From there the sheets are shipped to the Bavarian villa of Landshut, and pressed into various CFRP components for the i3. BMW claims that in comparison to conventional CFRP production, CO2 output from the Moses Lake facility is roughly 50 percent less than its competitors.

Here is a 15 minute video that discuss the process and show the carbon fiber plant.