Something that is Missing from Facebook's Carbon Data Center Disclosure, an int'l colocation presence

I've been staring at the Facebook Carbon Disclosure for over two weeks.  You can see the 2012 numbers here.


One of the things that I asked Facebook "where are the international colocation centers?"  Facebook doesn't have any.  There are POPs which are small and are counted in the office space carbon footprint.

It is pretty amazing that in 2012 the East Coast colocation presence was as large as Prineville and Forest City combined. In 2012 there was almost no data center capacity in Europe so content was a run back to the East Coast.  West Coast was taking care of Asia Pacific.

It will be interesting to see what Facebook releases for 2013.  My one request is it will not take 6 months to release this information in June 2014 for the 2013 disclosure.