CloudPhysics uses a modeling, simulation, data approach to Operate Virtualized Infrastructure

GigaOm's Barb Darrow reports on CloudPhysics.

Exclusive: CloudPhysics seeks to nip VMware deployment issues in the bud



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John Blumenthal

CloudPhysics says its Knowledge Base Advisor about VMware deployments is just first step in it becoming the New Relic of VMware operations.


“We continuously analyze your operational data and relate it to a massive index of knowledge base articles and other unstructured data we manage.  We call this a ‘relevance matching engine’ for finding the exact vendor issue alerts personalized for specific components and configurations in your environment,” he said.

CloudPhysics has focused on managing VMs, but many of the ideas are ones to consider in the Physical data center.  This page is one I liked.


 It will be interesting to see how CloudPhysics develops as they identify more areas of inefficiencies.

We think datacenters of today are woefully inefficient, both in terms of machine and human cost. Often, issues are discover when it is too late, requiring emergency fire drills to resolve. We understand these issues, and the dynamic nature of your virtualized environment. You demand deeper visibility into your datacenter, and we provide that by tapping into what we call ‘collective intelligence.’