5 Golden Rules of Plane Design that could work for Data Centers

BBC has a post on the 5 Golden Rules of Plane Design.

Classic aircraft: Five golden rules for enduring design


Best of British
The Supermarine Spitfire was designed to protect Britain from aerial attack; it later served from aircraft carriers and nearly broke the sound barrier. (Copyright: Getty Images)

When I read the 5 rules, 4 rules looked like good ones for data centers.

Rule one: Be adaptable and flexible

Rule two: Be easy to fly (operate and use)

Rule three: Be resilient

Rule four – Be easy to maintain (YES!!!!!)

Rule five – Be easy on the eye

The fifth rule "Be easy on the eye" may seem like it doesn't fit, but some of the best data centers are good looking in the details.  Some of the worse are kind of ugly and causes discomfort looking at.