Greenpeace praises Apple's Green Data Center efforts, shifting target to Amazon and Microsoft

Silicon Republic reports on Apple's latest solar project in Reno by interviewing Greenpeace's Gary Cook.

The good guys are.

"With Google, Facebook, and now Apple all announcing major new deals in recent months for new renewable energy to power their data-centre operations, the race to build an internet powered by renewable energy is clearly in full swing," he said.

The bad guys are.

"Microsoft and Amazon - both of which still power their internet using the dirty electricity that causes global warming - ought to take notice," he said.

"In the race for a clean internet, Apple is leaving both of those companies in the dust."

We'll see if Google, Facebook, and/or Apple get an advantage with a low carbon data center strategy.  They are all probably relieved that Greenpeace will focus on their competitors - Amazon and Microsoft.