A Game Plan for Adoption and Implementation of DevOps GigaOm Webinar July 11, 2013 10-11a PT, sponsored by PuppetLabs

I've been spending a bunch of time in DevOps space, going so far into the operations perspective one of my friends it is like OpsDev where Operations is defining the Development.

On July 11, 2013 10-11a PT, I am moderating a panel discussion a PuppetLabs sponsored GigaOm Webinar.


In this webinar, the panelists will present concrete steps IT can take to get started, provide strategies to quantify and benchmark the benefits of DevOps within their organizations, and examine case studies of successful DevOps adoptions in other businesses.

Given I am moderating the panel and in charge of putting together the slide deck I can tell you ahead of time what to expect.  The panelists are as follows.


Research Director, GigaOM Research
CEO and CTO, Stelligent Analyst, GigaOM Research
CTO, Puppet Labs Puppet Labs
IT researcher and author, Puppet LabsPuppet Labs

Instead of a typical Q&A type of format. We well be using survey results from a PuppetLabs DevOps study shared here as discussion areas for the panelists.