Going to PuppetConf, DevOps IT Automation

Next week is PuppetConf.


PuppetConf is the one can’t-miss annual conference for the IT industry, and it’s taking place
August 22-23 in San Francisco. The best minds in IT will be meeting at PuppetConf 2013 to
discuss leading-edge thinking in DevOps, cloud automation and continuous delivery. By
attending, I’ll have access to:
 Educational sessions and hands-on experience. With two full days of keynotes,
presentations and hands-on labs, I’ll learn how IT professionals are using Puppet
Labs technologies to deliver business results faster, with higher quality and greater
 Product research and analysis. The tradeshow will give me access to 40-plus
sponsors - a great opportunity to see what’s available in the rapidly changing IT
marketplace. I’ll be able to choose from more than 70 sessions led by IT thought
leaders on new tools, methods and strategies that can help our company gain a
competitive advantage.
 Networking with industry experts. More than 1,600 sysadmins, architects,
engineers, developers and IT managers will convene at PuppetConf. Informal, lively
discussions between these professionals offer excellent opportunities to learn how
smart people are solving difficult IT problems. More than 120 Puppet Labs
employees will also be on hand to answer questions and offer insight into future
product developments.

I am looking forward to catch up with many of the DevOps thought leaders.  Here are the speakers.