A peak into how Google Designs its Data Centers, can you see the hidden?

DatacenterDynamics has a post on DLB Associates, a company who has designed Google's Data Centers.


The engineer and his company behind the design of Google's data centers

5 August 2013 by Ambrose McNevin - DatacenterDynamics

In search of Google's data center designer

Don Beaty began his engineering career working on large water treatment plants. After graduating as an electrical engineer he spent his early career as a staffer before setting up set up DLB Associates in 1980 “with no money”.

DLB Associates for quite a while has had a case study up on its web site on Google Data Centers.

Google Data Center Campuses, Worldwide


DLB has designed and managed the construction of Google’s global data center campus program from its very inception in 2004. During that time, the program has continuously redefined the data center industry and remained way ahead of the curve.




Joe Kava, Ben Treynor and Urs Hoelzle of Google with our president, Don Beaty, addressing the staff at DLB Headquarters

Put your mindset in a "Sherlock Holmes" mode and you can see things that are not evident to the novice.  With two pieces of data it is easier to see things.