Introduction to Continuous Delivery

I am off to PuppetConf to spend a day in the world of DevOps and Continuous Delivery.  DevOps is pretty familiar to most of you.  What is Continuous Delivery here is a pointer to a GigaOm Research paper I wrote and was published back in Oct 2012.

Continuous delivery and the world of devops


Thanks to the rise of online business, companies must now get their products and services to market as fast as they can, and releases that occur in periods of months or years are no longer competitive. As a result, the pattern of how to release software is changing from large, infrequent releases of new software to small, frequent releases. This paper explains the world of continuous delivery and its underlying philosophy, devops. It is intended for executives who determine their organization’s business strategies. If you are looking for ways to reduce time to market and are considering a realignment of traditional assumptions about the roles of development and operations, you require knowledge of new tools and new approaches.

  1. Table of contents                                                                                                            
  2. Executive summary                                                                                                    
  3. Introduction                                                                                                                 
  4. What is continuous delivery?                                                                              
  5. Trends driving continuous delivery                                                              
  6. What is devops?                                                                                                        
  7. Technologies                                                                                                            
  8. Constructing a continuous-delivery pipeline                                          
  9. Infrastructure as code                                                                                      
  10. Tips for success                                                                                                       
  11. a case study                                                                                
  12. Key takeaways                                                                                                            
  13. List of resources                                                                                                    
  14. About Dave Ohara                                                                                                    
  15. About GigaOM Pro