Another candidate for future Microsoft CEO, HAL 9000

GigaOm's Barb Darrow does a good job of identifying possible candidates for CEO of Microsoft.

With Ballmer ceding Microsoft’s top job, let the handicapping begin



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Mystery man suit question mark

Who’s your pick for next Microsoft CEO? Now’s your chance to weigh in…. Insider? Outsider? Young un? Veteran? Sheryl Sandberg? Paul Maritz? Steven Sinofsky? Satya Nadella? Who?

It is phenomenally complex to run a company than size of Microsoft.  With the one million servers Microsoft has imagine if HAL 9000 could be set up to be the CEO running on let's say 10,000 servers.

Can you imagine if a CEO was replaced by HAL 9000.

HAL's capabilities, like all the technology in 2001, were based on the speculation of respected scientists. Marvin Minsky, director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and one of the most influential researchers in the field, was an adviser on the film set.[18] In the mid-1960s, many computer scientists in the field of AI were optimistic that machines with HAL's capabilities would exist within a few decades. For example, AI pioneer Herbert A. Simon at Carnegie Mellon University, had predicted in 1965 that "machines will be capable, within twenty years, of doing any work a man can do",[19] the overarching premise being that the issue was one of computational speed (which was predicted to increase) rather than principle.

If you don't like the HAL 9000 persona, you can use the Wizard of Oz version.