Part of being older, be more patience with yourself

It is easy to be in a competitive driving mode.  When I was program manager on products, I learned to drive from some of the best.  Keeping dates in your heads easily, action items tracked, when to push harder.  A tip I learned from a friend is when you want to ship really hard products you need to be an "ass" and piss off people.  One manager I had said if she is not getting regular complaints about her team, they aren't pushing hard enough.

I have long past stopped being a program manager.  No really desire to be an "ass" and ship.  Part of the problem being so driven is it easy to think patience is a waste of time.  "I want it now. If it doesn't work go get another one."

Here is an example.  I bought a Wacom Bamboo Stylus for my Galaxy Note 8 to make it easier to take notes than using the built in stylus.


I bought it from Costco so I knew I could return it if I had issues.  Got it tried on the Note 8. Didn't work.  What could be wrong.  Tried it on my Galaxy Note 1, worked fine.  Went back to Galaxy Note 8, didn't.  Built in stylus works of course.  What is wrong, doesn't make any sense.

Most likely the problem is pilot error, there is a mistake on my part.  What is wrong?  Pick up the stylus a few weeks later, let's try again.  Doesn't work.  Then another week or so later, I am using the Note 8 and see the UI for Battery Saving in S Pen.

  • Battery saving: disables the pen detection feature while the pen is attached to save battery power.

When "Battery Saving" is on, the galaxy note pen feature is turned off.  So, the stylus, any stylus doesn't work unless you remove the pen when you have battery saving on.  Turn "battery saving" off, and the Bamboo Stylus works.

I could have gotten mad, frustrated at the device, returning it to Costco.   I had the data though that the pen worked on one device. It is a simple device. There must be something I don't see.  It is my mistake.

When I was a driven program manager, I would have been mad, "stupid device" doesn't work.  Taking a bit more time, having patience, got the Bamboo Stylus working, I understand Battery Saving feature.

Taking your time, relaxing and having more patience allows you to figure out more things.  On the other hand, it can look like you are not a driven over-achiever. I don't know about you, but I feel more satisfied having patience with myself than being a competitive driven ass. :-)