And Another Candidate for Microsoft CEO job? Jeff Raikes

The media is all in a tizzy that Stephen Elop is the leading CEO candidate.

The point I make and still stick to is the next CEO is going to be someone Bill trusts.  How long did Bill work with Stephen Elop.  Not much.

He spent way more time with his CEO of the Gates Foundation Jeff Raikes.  And Jeff just resigned as CEO.


Thanks for your leadership . You've been a great partner.


Thanks and for the opportunity to work with you in leading the these last five years.

Geekwire doesn't think Jeff is the next Microsoft CEO.  Maybe Steve Ballmer will be the next CEO of the Gates foundation.

 Raikes was recently included on some speculative lists of potential candidates to replace Ballmer. However, based on what I’m hearing from multiple sources this morning, Raikes’ retirement is not a sign that he is going to back to Microsoft.