Amazon's A9 creates a video that tells the story of what it is like working for the company

Here is a video about's A9.  This video has only 392 views and is a humorous spin on working for A9.

What is most interesting to the data center crowd is their technical operations team.

Technical Operations

Our global team keeps Product Search and other services running 24x7.


Infrastructure That Scales.

Search and several related services we support are at the core of the Amazon business: they help customers find the items they want to buy. We are always online and ready to respond. 

Our globally distributed team oversees the smooth-running of all search system operations on Amazon sites in North America, Europe and Asia; our Client Services group provides hands on support for those that depend on A9’s search systems.


Besides our ultra-high availability frontline operations, we plan and scale with the fast-paced growth of search. We look at the data; we determine what services are needed; we implement solutions and we manage deployments. We are responsible for thousands of servers handling 100s of millions customer searches daily.

We stay agile so that we can adapt to unexpected change and exponential growth. We are ready when peak traffic surges, and we understand that yesterday’s record is going to be tomorrow’s average, so we always stay ahead with our infrastructure.

Collaborating across time and space.

The Search Operations team builds and runs the world's largest e-commerce product search. 

Our "follow the sun" operation is based in three locations: Palo Alto, Dublin, and Tokyo. Each of our teams can, during their work hours, address any issue in any locale as soon as it arises, giving it full attention.  

No matter what the volume of traffic, the conditions on the ground, or the intricacy of the systems, our services perform seamlessly for our customers, 24x7.

We manage critical capabilities—high availability, cross-platform, scalable product search and an advertising platform that serves advertisers and publishers alike—for our parent company Amazon and other clients.