OMG, data center god is identified, clients include Apple, Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft - Scott Noteboom leaves Apple to start his own company

Digital Journal covers the press release Scott  Noteboom leaving Apple to be CEO of Litbit.  Scott has god-like powers serving Apple, Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft.

Noteboom will serve as founder and Chief Executive Officer, bringing to LitBit global experience of having led development and/or operations of many of the world's largest and most innovative data centers, which have served companies including: Apple, Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft.

Noteboom can provide a 10x lower environmental impact.

Our goal is to enable the next billion users of digital technology to emerge with a 10x lower environmental impact than the first billion," said Noteboom.

Keep this date in mind.  It is the birth of Christ.  The enlightenment of Buddha.  A data center god has struck out on his own.

Note: the Litbit service looks like it is just for the emerging markets.  So, those of us in USA and Europe will find it difficult to see the data center powers demonstrated.

LitBit was created to bring next generation converged infrastructure technology into emerging markets that require cleaner environment, greater efficiency and lower economics.

Looks like Scott is in China according to his LinkedIn profile.

Scott Noteboom