A Little Bit more data on LitBit's claim of being the biggest most innovative serving the big brands

LitBit's Scott Noteboom made a grand claim.

led development and/or operations of many of the world's largest and most innovative data centers, which have served companies including: Apple, Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft.

Here are some other data points to evaluate the statement and to get you thinking.

On Microsoft, Mike Manos tweeted this statement.  

Mike Manos@mjmanos

@greenm3 WRT- bit.ly/1eNdk4y Hmm-In all my time running that program thru today - this person never worked on anything for Microsoft

DCD references how DLB Associates was the external resource working on Google's data centers.

Today, both the best and worst kept secret in the data center industry is that DLB Associates was lead design engineer on Google’s initial data center campus build out (a well-guarded secret for the first seven years of Google’s build program). While Google provided the conceptual design and placed a high priority on efficiency, DLB designed the campus and buildings as well as the majority of the MEP infrastructure.

In the data center industry you can make all kinds of claims.  The diligent will reference check.  I wonder who at Apple, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google LitBit points you to when you want to get the details on how they had been served.

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