With Amazon Fire Mayday, Amazon will collect more data from consumers

Amazon.com revolutionized retailing by tracking customer habits and allow them to rank items and write comments.  With Amazon Kindle Mayday feature most focus on the tech support issue, but the game changer is for Amazon to collect more data from consumers to create the next game change.

Here is the Mayday feature.

News sites are focusing on the tech support feature and a bit on how to sell more.

  1. Slate Magazine (blog)


    Amazon launches Mayday, a virtual Genius Bar for theKindle Fire ...

    The Verge-by Dan Seifert-Sep 24, 2013
    Amazon may be trotting out new versions of its Kindle Fire tablets and an updated software platform for them, but its also introducing a unique ...

    How the Kindle Fire's 'Mayday' Feature Will Help AmazonSell More ...

    Wired-Sep 26, 2013
    Amazon's Mayday tech support for Kindle Fire HDX puts a tiny helper on your screen when you need it most. But the exchange between you ...

Amazon if they do this right is going to have an ability to connect to consumers in a way that no one else can.

I have my Kindle Fire HDX on order so I'll be able to see how it works.