Steven Levy Benefits from Snowden Crisis, gets 2 hrs with NSA executives

Most of us are familiar with Steven Levy and his writing.  Steven is most know for “In the Plex"

Steven Levy

From the In the Plex  blog:

The Googleplex Goes Hollywood with “The Internship”

During the months I spent researching In the Plex, I often encountered the term “Googliness.” It was kind of a puzzle from Lewis Carrol. You can’t understand the company unless you grasp the meaning of this term, but of course the term means nothing unless you have a sense of Google’s essence. "Googley" is also as much an aspirational value as a descriptor. When Googlers use the term, they are referring to their optimism, constructive ambition, brains, technical prowess, and 













I have had the chance to sit in media briefings with Steven and met others who worked along Steven.  It is kind of funny to thing that I have researched the writer. :-)  It important to know a writer if you want to interpret what they write.  

Steven just posted on his 2 hour interview the NSA.

I Spent Two Hours Talking With the NSA’s Bigwigs. Here’s What Has Them Mad

What I liked best in Steven’s closing comment on how he thanks Snowden.

Dark times as these may be at Fort Meade, it’s good for the nation that the closed-mouth agency is opening up more to the press. Personally, I owe Snowden some thanks. He finally got to me into the NSA.

What really pissed off the NSA is Snowden triggering the PR crisis.

They really hate Snowden. The NSA is clearly, madly, deeply furious at the man whose actions triggered the biggest crisis in its history. Even while contending they welcome the debate that now engages the nation, they say that they hate the way it was triggered.