What Google brings to the Nest party, infrastructure that performs and scales

GigaOm’s Om Malik.  Or maybe it should be Om Malik on GigaOm posts on why Tony Fadell decided to team up with Google.

Nest’s CEO Tony Fadell explains why he teamed up with Google: it’s about infrastructure




Tony Fadell Nest Roadmap 2013

In an interview, Nest’s CEO tells us why a union with Google is a good idea (hint: infrastructure and scale) and how he can now get back to designing killer product experiences.

Here are parts that emphasize the google infrastructure.

In an interview with Gigaom following the announcement of the deal, Fadell told us how he wants to refocus on designing product experiences instead of spending his time on scaling and infrastructure — something that’s long been at the core of massive Google. It’s certainly “not about laptops and phones,” joked Fadell; it’s more about a marriage of hardware, software and services, he explained. And the deal has been under discussion for a long time, he noted, Sergey Brin was the one who originally told Google Ventures to start a discussion with Nest.


Will Google’s server infrastructure come in handy in a few years? Absolutely. Will their ability to work with algorithms help us? Absolutely. There are a lot of short and long term benefits, but in reality they are going to help us get to new markets at a much faster rate — especially, overseas. I see there are a lot of customers in countries were we are not there yet.