Microsoft's Bill Laing Keynotes at Open Compute Summit Jan 28, 2014, "Microsoft Datacenters at Cloud Scale"

I think the last time I saw a Microsoft Presentation at Open Compute Summit is Dileep Bhandardar’s talk in 2011 for the first Open Compute Summit.  There are a handful of people besides Facebook employees who have gone to all the Open Compute Summits.  I’ve gone to all so I know first hand who presented.  I remember Dileep’s talk as I coincidentally  sat next to Dileep on the flight from SEA to SJC in first class and we spent some time going over his presentation.  Dileep is now with Qualcomm and since then I think I can count the number of Microsoft employees I’ve seen at OCP on one hand who I recognize.  (note: given it has been 8 years since I left Microsoft i missed a whole set of Microsoft attendees.

When I checked out the latest schedule for OCP.


Bill Laing is keynoting right after Frank Frankovsky. Given Bill is keynoting I got a feeling there will be a bunch more Microsoft employees at this event.