29 years ago I joined Apple in 1985, and you can see when all the Apple employees joined in order

An Apple friend texted me yesterday morning that she found my name in the list of Apple Employees just posted on Fri Jan 24, 2014.



I was just getting on a plane to SJ and we got a chance to catch up when I landed.  Her challenge was trying to find her name on the poster.  Knowing that I joined Apple in Mar 1985 helped her figure out where her name would be.  While looking out the window we saw Apple employees who probably weren’t even born when the Mac was shipped.  The summer of 1985 was when there layoffs due to slow sales of the Mac and hiring was quite slow for a year after I joined.  

Damn, feel old knowing I joined Apple 29 years ago. :-)

What is this list?  Apple created posters with all the Apple employees from #1 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to the present.  I was lucky to have a friend find my name, saving me the effort to figure out how I would get to the right poster.  There are ten different ones in the employee areas. Maybe this a test for the ex-Apple employees whether you have a friend who is still at Apple and will spend the time to find your name.

Apple puts up celebratory posters with names of every Apple employee, past and present