Peer 1 Hosting Surveys Canada and UK users, 25% planning on moving out of US

DataCenterKnowledge has a post on a Survey and the impact of the NSA scandal.

Survey: NSA Scandal Prompting Shift Away From U.S. Providers

January 8th, 2014By: Jason Verge


Here is the press release from Peer 1 Hosting announcing the survey.

PEER 1 Hosting Research Confirms NSA Scandal Has Made UK and Canadian Businesses Wary of Storing Data in the U.S.

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

25% of businesses are moving data outside of the U.S. as a result of privacy scandals; 96% consider security and 82% consider data privacy their top concerns

Vancouver, British Columbia – January 8, 2013 – A new independent survey of 300 UK and Canadian businesses, commissioned by web infrastructure and cloud hosting provider PEER 1 Hosting, reveals that 25 percent will move their company data outside of the U.S. due to NSA-related privacy and security concerns. Canadian companies are even more likely to relocate data than UK companies, with one in three saying they will move away from U.S. datacenters. Despite this trend, the U.S. remains the most popular place for these companies to host data (51 percent) outside of their home countries.

And the survey results are here.


With an executive summary.


One piece of data that got me to believe Peer 1 was talking to the right people is the fact that 80% of the people weren’t surprised of the NSA spying.


And trouble for those who think it is all about latency.  This survey says users are more worried about security than latency.


The closing slide has a bunch of quotes.  It is easier to read this if you go to the survey PDF and go to slide 20.