Morning View sets the tone for the day

The other day one of my data center friends came over with his dad who was visiting from San Antonio, Texas.  My cousins were raised in San Antonio and one still lives there.  I’ve gone to a few Longhorn football games with my cousin who was an all american swimmer at UT so I’ve got a chance to experience Texas as local do.

My friends Dad had made his first trip to Seattle and the weather was great this past week.  It rained one day with a bit of drizzle and this morning is a bit of clouds.  

Below is this mornings view from home.  Yes, my friends dad realized he needs to visit his son more often.

Today is a day I can spend chatting with friends on ideas to transform the industry and the cloud.  I think part of what is nice is staring out the window I can dream without worrying about bozos.  oops, HR will get mad at me for calling someone a bozo.  oh, wait there is no HR.  and, there are no bozos in the house/home office.

I’ve put my roots in Redmond, WA.  Been here for 22 years.  After 14 years at Microsoft it was time to leave.  Now I spend more of my time in the Cloud which luckily has Seattle as a hub.  Amazon, Microsoft, Google, HP, and so many more are realizing the Seattle area is a place to be work on the cloud.