Video of Amazon's Kiva Robots

I tried to contact Kiva Systems once and didn't hear anything back.  From what I read it looked like all resources are working on warehouses.

The media repeats an AP article, but Time has an article with a video

The robots are made by Kiva Systems, a company Amazon purchased for $775 million in 2012 to better handle the hundreds of worldwide orders Amazon customers make every second. Kiva’s robots bring shelves of goods out of storage and carry them to employees, allowing Amazon to retrieve more items for more customers simultaneously. Amazon began using these robots in July of this year, and there are now more than 15,000 of them in 10 of the company’s warehouses. They whir around like gears on a Swiss watch.

Here is a video that is part of the Time article.  What would be nice is a voice over instead of music.