China DC Growth driven by state - Telco and Finance

DatacenterDynamics reports on the China market with referencing a research study.

The report, Research on the Distribution Features and Development Strategy of China’s Data Centers, was published today by CCID Consulting, a consulting and intelligence service provider under China Electronics Information Industry Development Research Institute of MIIT, according to OFweek.

The report explores the development of China’s data center industry in terms of contextual background, influential factors and major trends. It analyzes the distribution features of data centers across the country.

Part of what is covered are the three Telcos and four banks that are behind much of the DC growth.

In the telecommunication industry, three large state-owned telecommunication operators (China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom) and large IDC service providers are the major players driving data center constructions.

Among them, China Telecom has up to 375 IDC data centers, 320 of which are used to serve external customers; China Unicom has 196 IDC data centers with a total floor space of 184,000 sqm; and China Mobile has a number of data centers totaling 105,000 sqm.

The ‘Big Four’ banks driving data centers
In the financial industry, the ‘Big Four’ state-owned banks (Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Construction Bank)

If you are interested in the original research and have Google Chrome you can translate the original document referenced.

REVIEW: CCID Consulting released “Chinese characteristics data center layout and Development Strategy.” In depth analysis of the characteristics of the data center layout and development strategy, from the industrial development environment, influencing factors, and other aspects of the evolution of the trend to explore the development of the data center, and in-depth analysis of the current situation of the layout of the data center.