What is the Threat to the CIO? Competition baby

I was reading this guest post on Forbes by Gartner research VP Peter Songaard.

Many CIOs Are Unprepared For The Next Era In Enterprise IT

By Peter Sondergaard

Gartner, Inc.

The next era of enterprise IT is upon us, but many CIOs are not prepared to manage the demands that come in this new era. We refer to this next era as the digitalization of IT, and it’s the beginning of the digital industrial economy.

According to Gartner’s annual CIO Agenda survey, the CIOs responded to say that they often feel overwhelmed by the prospect of building digital leadership while, at the same time, renovating the core of IT infrastructure and capability for the digital future. The survey found that 51 percent of CIOs are concerned that this change is coming faster than they can cope and 42 percent don’t feel that they have the talent needed to face this future.












Now one answer could be go to Gartner to be prepared for the changes.  Or the other way to look at this problem of being unprepared as Enterprise IT has competition. Check out this Dell Video with Safeway’s CIO Barry Libenson and PuppetLab’s Luke Kaines.

IT is Facing Competition for the First Time Ever

Do the CIOs realize that they are now competing for IT services?