Intel Ships Brawny Processors to scale up

Intel has released the Xeon Processor E7-8800/4800/28000 v2 family.


What comes to mind is Urs Hoelzle’s call to action that not all services can be provided by whimpy energy efficient low clock rate cores.  There is a need for brawny cores.

Brawny cores still beat wimpy cores, most of the time

Urs Hölzle


Slower but energy efficient “wimpy” cores only win for general workloads if

their single-core speed is reasonably close to that of mid-range “brawny”


At Google, we’ve been long-term proponents of multicore architectures and throughput-oriented

computing. In warehouse-scale systems1 throughput is more important than single-threaded peak

performance, because no single processor can handle the full workload. In addition, maximizing singlethreaded

performance costs power through larger die areas (for example, for larger reorder buffers or

branch predictors) and higher clock frequencies. Multicore architectures are great for warehouse-scale

systems because they provide ample parallelism in the request stream as well as data parallelism for search

or analysis over petabyte data sets.

The Register has a detailed article.

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