Who takes over Satya Nadella's old job of Cloud Executive? For now Scott Guthrie

One of the questions I have bounced around with friends is who will take over Satya’s old job which included being the Cloud Executive.

Looks like the answer for now is Scott Guthrie.

Microsoft appoints Scott Guthrie new Cloud & Enterprise chief

Summary: ScottGu, the red-shirted Azure development lead, is the new head of Microsoft's Cloud & Enterprise division.


Who will succeed Satya Nadella as Microsoft's Cloud & Enterprise chief?


The answer to this question -- to which I was asked numerous times today following the announcement that Microsoft's new CEO will be Satya Nadella, who was head of Cloud & Enterprise -- is Scott Guthrie.

Yes. The red-shirted ScottGu is, for now, the "interim" Cloud & Enterprise Executive Vice President at Microsoft. I hear he's likely to be made the permanent one, as well, though no one is saying that in any official capacity for now.