Monitoring a fix to the boiler with a remote camera

I have radiant floor heat from a gas boiler in our beach house.  It is 10 years old and starting to have intermittent problems.  Troubleshooting the right part - the air pressure switch, an adjustment, a leaking hose, the blower fan, the controller has taken me weeks to figure out what the problem is.  I finally got the problem solved.  I think, but need to keep an on the operations.  Easiest thing to do is to move a remote camera to watch the read out.


141 degrees and working.  I have my fingers crossed that it is fixed.  At least it is so much easier to look at browser page and see it.  I could turn on the microphone if I wanted to hear the boiler, but the video is good enough.

Everyone has cameras in a data center for security.  How many of you use a remote camera to watch an area for operations?