Funny beats Serious, @sochiproblems 282k vs @sochi2014 175k

Whenever someone asks me about creating a viral marketing campaign I tell them that funny things almost always beat serious things.

Here is one example Twitter handle @sochi2014 has 282K followers, started on Feb 4 (3 days ago) with 193 tweets.

Sochi Problems

Sochi Problems


I'm a mess, and not prepared for you! Our athletes live like Kings!




The @sochi2014 twitter handle has 175K followers, created long time ago, with 4,808 tweets

Sochi 2014

Sochi 2014 Verified account




Here is the story of the guy who is behind @sochiproblems.

@SochiProblems mastermind revealed: student Alex Broad

Popular Twitter account by Centennial College journalism student captures myriad of problems at Sochi Games

By Nolan N. White | Posted: Feb 7 2014 2:49 pm

Take an unusually slow day in a Toronto college journalism school newsroom, and a journalism student with a love of sports. Now add controversy over the 2014 Sochi Olympic preparations, and some social media.

What you end up with is @SochiProblems. The Twitter account is the brainchild of Alexander (Alex) Broad, 20, a journalism major at Centennial College in Toronto, and a contributor to the program’s newspaper,

Broad himself was unprepared to see his creation, launched Tuesday Feb. 4, as a Twitter account called@SochiProblems, become so popular.  In only three days it has already attracted more than 240,000 followers ranging from ordinary Canadians, to well known personalities in the media, to athletes, current and retired.