Disney's Data Centers power changes in Prices and How it Services Guests

Disney has a large Data Center in North Carolina along with Facebook, Apple, and Google.  We can all understand what the latter companies do with data centers.  What does Disney do with a big data center?  One thing Disney does is crank out calculations on its guests and park operations.

Businessweek has a couple of articles on this topic.  One is its RFID tracking system.

The answer was on the electronic bands the couple wore on their wrists. That’s the magic of the MyMagic+, Walt Disney’s (DIS) $1 billion experiment in crowd control, data collection, and wearable technology that could change the way people play—and spend—at the Most Magical Place on Earth.


MyMagic+ promises far more radical change. It’s a sweeping reservation and ride planning system that allows for bookings months in advance on a website or smartphone app. Bracelets called MagicBands, which link electronically to an encrypted database of visitor information, serve as admission tickets, hotel keys, and credit or debit cards; a tap against a sensor pays for food or trinkets. The bands have radio frequency identification (RFID) chips—which critics derisively call spychips because of their ability to monitor people and things.

Another is Disney’s raising of ticket prices to $100 for a single day pass.

Walt Disney (DIS) is prying parental wallets open a little wider for that vacation visit to the theme park. The Empire of the Mouse is now charging $99 for a one-day park pass at its Magic Kingdom Park near Orlando, an increase of $4 that comes just eight months after the last price hike.

Behind the steadily rising ticket prices is the small world of supply and demand. People keep flooding Disney’s U.S. theme parks, notwithstanding steeper costs. The company reported a 16 percent increase in operating income, to $671 million, for the most recent quarter at its theme park division as sales rose 6 percent, to $3.6 billion. In Disney’s last fiscal year, theme park income rose 17 percent, to $2.2 billion. The company does not disclose attendance data.

A family enjoys the ease of using MagicBands to get on Jungle Cruise attraction.

What Will MyMagic+ Do for Passholders?

From FastPass+ service to the enhanced planning tools of My Disney Experience, MyMagic+ will make it easier than ever to plan, share and enjoy your next visit.