Lean Construction Keynote Video by 2 Second Lean's Paul Akers

I was chatting with Compass Data Center’s Chris Crosby about Lean Construction and we were having a good laugh that the media makes it seem like Lean Construction is something new because Facebook and a few others have seen the light of Lean Construction.  Lean vs. Waste - Simple vs. Complicated.  Chris mentioned the 2 Second Lean book and I went to the website.  The company FastCap which 2 Second Lean’s Paul Akers founded is in Bellingham, WA the same city that my Woodstone Oven is made.

A local friend who works in the construction is active in Lean Construction and I saw that a conference he went to has Paul Akers Keynoting.  Below is his talk at the conference.


Some notes I took from the video are:

Paul believes in videos to illustrate points.  Check out this F1 pit stop.


Lean is a choice of being Simple vs. Complicated.  Simple & Fun vs. Complicated & Painful.  Most places of work are complicated & painful because management doesn’t believe in being Lean.

Lean is simply to see waste and to focus on the teaching and training of the people to eliminate waste.  This supports more quality and more value which is good for the customer and good for the business.

Paul tells the story of how he thought the answer was to be organized, but he was clueless  compared to the Toyota Production System, Lean Manufacturing, and Kaizen.  Now Paul is a speaker and author on the concept of Lean.

Lean Construction is not new.  There are probably at least 50% of the construction industry who don’t get Lean.  It is a simpler less wasteful way to do work.  Lean is greener and more sustainable.  But, many think a Lean Construction project is innovative.  No it is not innovative.  It is about time.