Happy St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day is a day to celebrate for the Irish, and Google even changes for today.


So many people have thought I am Irish, and my name is spelled like in this family crest.


I always spell my name - Dave Ohara, but people will sneak an apostrophe in.  Recently I was visiting AT&T and an admin escorted me to a meeting.  I told her, I bet you thought I was an Irishman.  (embarrassingly) Yes.  How’d you know?  Because when you came down you talked to the security guard and she pointed at me.  You were looking for a red haired Irishman and couldn’t find me in the lobby..  I then told her various stories of how others thought I was Irish.  The best is when I worked at Apple and a tooling engineer was in Japan visiting Mitsubishi, and he was telling them a new person joined the team, Dave O’Hara.  The Japanese were telling him that Dave Ohara is a Japanese person.  No, O’Hara is a popular Irish name and I was Irish.

Maybe if people could read this  小原 which is Ohara in Kanji (Japanese Writing) they would think I was Japanese.

Doesn’t really bother me that people think I am Irish.  I had some Irish Stew for lunch and a Guinness is in fridge.  

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!