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I had an unintended break from Blogging.  I got a chance to attend an analyst briefing by RMS and got to meet in person Hemant Shah the CEO.  Why is RMS interesting to me?  Because here is a company that has spent 25 years working on catastrophe risk modeling and they are about to launch on Apr 15 their Cloud HPC Risk Modeling environment, RMS One.

I had just listened to Hemant’s talk at Stanford.


Hemant Shah, co-founder and CEO of RMS, takes students on a ride through the highs and lows of growing and changing a company. From early days in an apartment with co-founders, to making the tough calls as a market leader in risk and catastrophe modeling, Shah discusses lessons around culture, business models, and pivoting a value proposition.

Spending the day with RMS got me thinking of how to view operations from a Risk perspective.  This perspective was not what they told us, but I saw how risk is different way to view the waste that can exist.

I had so many ideas spinning in my head I was having a hard time writing down the ideas, but that is not a good excuse.

Anyway back to writing.  This is a busy week.  OSIsoft has their user conference that I haven’t attended for over 5 years.  Google has their cloud event in SF.  and AWS has their one day summit SF as well.  Going to a data center in Santa Clara.  And, going to try some ideas on how risk modeling is a perspective to see the issues that exist in operations.