Project Alluvion is??? Amazon or someone else?

I have friends asking me if I know who is behind Project Alluvion.  My guess to throw out there is Amazon. Why?  Let me go over a few things.

What is Alluvion?

noun: alluvion
  1. 1.
    the action of the sea or a river in forming new land by deposition.

Alluvion could be a code name that applies to Amazon project given the connection applies to a river.

Could it be Facebook, Google, or Microsoft?  No, they have presences in the area already.

Could it be Apple?  Not likely, Apple has land in Prineville, Reno, and Maiden with no data centers in Europe or APAC.  It would seem Apple would expand on its existing properties or buy land outside of the US before buying land in Des Moines.

Amazon has a west coast presence and east coast, but creating a high availability fail over from the coasts doesn’t work well for many scenarios.  For the same reason that Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have gone to each coast and the midwest, for Amazon to follow to compete seems reasonable.

After guessing Amazon, the potential customers don’t pan out on who would need a big data center with tax incentives.