Apple acquires a 3-3.5MW Hydroelectric Power Plant for Prineville DC, no Dam required

News is starting to spread on Apple’s acquiring a hydroelectric power plant for its prineville data center.

Apple acquires hydroelectric project near its Prineville data center

The first of two, 338,000-square-foot Apple data center buildings in Prineville, shown last year when it was still under construction. The company says it will power the facility with renewable energy. (Randy L. Rasmussen/The Oregonian (2013))


















Details that the data center crowd cares about are here.

Under the proposal, the 45-mile Hydroelectric Project will not have a dam. EBD Hydro plans to divert water from the irrigation canal, run it through turbines and generate enough electricity to power between 2,100 and 2,450 homes.

The pipes and turbines will be located about two miles north of Haystack Reservoir, several miles east of Culver, according to documents filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Power generation will only take place when water is running in the canal. Except for stock runs, most irrigation districts shut off irrigation water in the winter months.

EBD Hydro began the process more than two years ago, Gordon said. While it has been difficult, the company appreciated the support the project received from the governor, state and federal lawmakers.

The Rural Energy for America Program offers funding to help rural businesses with renewable energy projects and those that increase energy efficiency, according to the news release.

I’ll be in Bend at the of the month for the kids ski race.  i’ll see if I make a run to any of the spaces, but most likely not.  If anything I am going to the Bend, OR breweries

Some of my favorites are Deschutes and Boneyard.


Deschutes BreweryEst. 1988, Bend – The one and only “original craftster” brew pub, formerly known as Fish Brewing! Stop by  the now two-story pub, aptly  named “Brew 1”, that started the craft brew industry in Bend. Woot! Visit the Deschutes Brewery page.






Boneyard Beer CoEst. 2009, Bend – When Tony Lawrence launched his brewing company, he went straight to the “boneyard.” In different jargon, you might say he went to a used-car lot searching for a classic vehicle. Them bones are tasty! Read more on theBoneyard Beer Co page. Cheers!