Do you have good project stories to tell? Most likely not

I have been studying storytelling, trying to figure out how stories can be used to better communicate.  Here is a Pixar story during the production of Toy Story 2 they lost all the files when a command was run to delete files mistakenly.

The above video was posted on June 30, 2011.    The next web posted a story of the Toy Story 2 files deleted May 12, 2012 that goes into more detail.

When listening to this story it reminds me of the Back-up Disaster that killer the Sidekick.  The Toy Story 2 story had a better message.

“I’ll never forget ever being a part of Toy Story two. I was very lucky,” says Jacob. “I had that chance to work on a level of impact that helped keep Buzz and Woody, and “Toy Story” and the franchise, and Pixar all be a thing we talk about today.”


The thing about  a disaster like this one is that the technical directors and staff at Pixar had to trust one another to fix the issue, even though there were several mistakes made and one of them was responsible. “If you can’t sit down and calmly engage that meeting, you can’t be in that meeting with them,” says Jacob. ”Because the circumstances were so incredibly unusual. Black Swan events do occur.”

Instead of dwelling on pinning the blame or lamenting the loss of time and effort, the team made sure to alter the backup strategy so that something like that didn’t happen again, and it went about making up for lost time.