How fast is your Connection to Netflix?

There is a lot of news on Comcast Netflix agreement that speeds up streaming video.  ArsTechnica writes on how the speed has increased after the connection agreement.

After Netflix pays Comcast, speeds improve 65%

When Netflix and Comcast customers both pay Comcast, the traffic flows smoothly.

Netflix's decision to pay Comcast for a direct connection to the Comcast network has resulted in significantly better video streaming performance for customers of the nation's largest broadband provider.

Netflix has bemoaned the payment, asking the government to prevent Comcast from demanding such interconnection "tolls."

Netflix has posted the latest performance results for Mar 2014.



Curious I decided to see how fast my connections are to Netflix.  You can watch a Netflix movie and embedded in your stream is the speed of connection.

Netflix has released a new “test” video that will then report on how fast and at what quality you are getting Netflix content.

Click here to launch

The tool streams a test video and displays the data up in the top corner.

I tried the movie on my MacBook Retina.  Max Resolution is 1280x720 at 3mbps. 


Went to AppleTv and FireTV and both of their speeds were 5.8mbps at 1920x1080.  I can get the higher speeds because I upgraded my home network to Business Comcast so no usage caps and much higher speed streams. 

Doesn’t it seem kind of sad that you spend all the money on a nice TV and if you watch Netflix and many other streaming services over your home ISP you are lucky to get 720p.  Heck until I switched off of Home Comcast Internet I was like the rest of you stuck at 480p.