John Sculley keynotes 7x24 Exchange 2014 Spring Conference, Open for Registration

7x24 Exchange Spring 2014 Conference is open for registration.  


What is a bit of a surprise is John Sculley is keynoting the conference with the following talk.

Conference Keynote:
The High Tech Tsunami that is Changing the World


Three explosive high technologies, Cloud, Internet-of-Things, and Unstructured Data Science are converging at an amazing pace. Their derivative effects will be that every major industry will be disrupted, reshaped or even reinvented. Sculley will explain how companies like Amazon are combining exceptional customer experience, disruptive price, and same day delivery by taking advantage of advanced high technology supply chain systems. New business models like Amazon don't require a large number of higher skilled middle mangers that more traditional companies depend on. Sculley will discuss the possibility of middle managers becoming an endangered group as heavy lifting robots are joined by smart robots and the Internet-of-Things. How can corporations adapt to this fast changing world? John Sculley has an unique position as a leader in disruptive high technologies, a global investor and successful entrepreneur who is mentoring CEOs in his own companies in the fields of: the consumer era of healthcare; next generation mobile technologies; IT supply chain; and big data analytics. John will draw on examples from his current experience in the US and South Asia.


John Sculley

John Sculley
Former CEO of Apple and Former President of Pepsi Cola



I checked out the schedule and there are some good talks on the list.

I am curious though what John Sculley will present especially since John is presenting on topics that I spend time on - Cloud, IOT, and Big Data. I haven’t talked to John since I think 1995 when I was at Microsoft and had a trip to NYC and was working on publishing technologies.  It’s so long ago I can’t remember what John and I talked about or how the meeting got set up.  All I know I remember is I was in NYC and had 1/2 hr meeting with John.  John Sculley was at Apple 1983 - 1993.  I was at Apple from 1985 - 1992.

According to wikipedia John now lives in West Palm Beach.  At least he has a short commute to the conference in Boca Raton.