Using LinkedIn to figure out the next unannounced job change

LinkedIn is in the news because of hacks to access its data.

LinkedIn warns company over “Hack In” tool that shows email addresses


MAR. 31, 2014 - 4:06 PM PDT

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LinkedIn says it will take legal action against a site that lets anyone “Hack In” to find users’ email addresses. That’s good news, but also raises the question of why its possible to “hack in” in the first place

One of the more useful things you can use LinkedIn for is figuring out where your friends are going in their unannounced job change.  I won’t spoil the specific announcement for my good friend who most of you know and where he is going.  This morning checked to see if his profile had been updated yet.  Nope.  He did add a new SVP as a friend from a company XYZ.  Looked up the HQ for the company.  Same city he lives in.  yep.  that’s where he is going with 90% confidence.

it is much harder to keep secrets.  Especially when you post updates on Facebook or do something like accepting a friend on LinkedIn.

Congrats to my friends new job.