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I’ve been blogging on Green Data Centers since 2007 and a new milestone is seeing my old employer Apple embrace the Green Data Center as strategic.  

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A Rare Look Inside an Apple Data Center

TIME-by Harry McCracken-Apr 21, 2014
Yet more proof that Apple is not quite as secretive as it once was, when it thinks openness is in its own interest: The company showed off one of ...
International Business Times
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The news that hit today is Apple mocks Samsung to copy and help the earth too.

samsung apple green ad

Oh my, Apple strikes back in its ever so entertaining feud with Samsung… This time the occasion is Earth Day. Yes, really.

On April 22, ecologists celebrate Earth Day, a worldwide event dedicated to drawing attention to the problems of our environment. Earth Day also happens to be the perfect opportunity for Apple to take a swipe at Samsung and  show its commitment to all things green.

Apple placed full-page ads in two highly circulated British newspapers, The Guardian andMetro, whose headline reads “There are some ideas we want every company to copy,” a clear hint at archrival Samsung. “There’s one area where we actually encourage others to imitate us,” reads the copy of the app, to really drive the point home.

apple green ad samsung 2

Full page ad. Click to enlarge. Via David McClelland on Twitter