The Power of Visual/Spatial Thinkers, Temple Grandin's Story

I’ve written a few posts on the importance of Visual/Spatial Thinking.

Journal Entry by Dave Ohara on October 5, 2013
HBR has a post on Spatial Thinking. The Importance of Spatial Thinking Now by Kirk Goldsberry  |   1:00 PM September 30, 2013 Comments (31)                           …
Journal Entry by Dave Ohara on August 4, 2013
How many of you are frustrated with your purchasing department?  I had a short stint at Apple in the Purchasing group.  The purchasing group had a staff of technical project managers who would work with the product development teams on peripherals for Apple products.  During this time is when I got …
Journal Entry by Dave Ohara on October 9, 2012
Designing a data center is a skill that you don’t go to school for and learn from a book.  Book learning works for math, science, english and of course reading. So, what kind of skill is needed to design a data center.  One of the challenges is trade-off of getting things just right to reduce or eli …

I”ve watched Temple Grandin’s Ted Video.

But, it took the movie on Temple Grandin to understand Temple Grandin’s story and what she went through to develop her skills.  Here is a behind the scenes movie that gives you some of the feelings behind the movie.