Facebook's Mobile-Only Users out number Desktop-Only

TechCrunch has a post highlighting the fact that Facebook’s Mobile-Only users out number Desktop-Only.  Now, when I build a service I try to go mobile-only, then think about how to support the Desktop users who are consumers.

The old world was desktops were for creating content, then mobile was for consuming.  For some services it has flipped.  Mobile is for content creation and desktop is for consuming the content created by a mobile user.

Facebook In The Age Of Mobile-Only

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Just 21% (268 million) of Facebook’s users access the service from desktop-only, and both that percentage and number are falling as Facebook grows, according to new stats fromFacebook’s Q1 2014 earnings report this week. Meanwhile Facebook’s mobile-only user countis now at 341 million, or 26.7% of its total userbase, and those figures are quickly climbing.

What this means is that if a Facebook feature doesn’t exist on mobile, it’s becoming less and less relevant.