Psst, WSJ says the Data Center is Cloud, Duhh

WSJ has a post in its CIO journal that had me laughing this morning.

The Morning Download: Microsoft Shift Shows the Data Center Is the Cloud

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Good morning. The transformation underway at Microsoft Corp. probably is the biggest change that the company has undergone since it discovered the Internet back in the ’90s. The evolution tells us as much about the market as it tells us about the company itself, which is shrugging off the weight of its past.

In recent weeks, the company that once fought for the ability to bundle its applications to its platform launched Office for Apple Inc.’s iPad, open-sourced more of its .NET software framework and renamed its Windows Azure cloud computing platform as Microsoft Azure. ”We are witnessing the biggest shift in attitude by Microsoft since the pivot around the Internet in the late 90′s,” IDC analyst Al Hilwa tells CIO Journal.

I don’t know about you, but I wonder where people thought the Cloud was if it was not in data centers.