News in the DC News, Did Yevginey Sverdlik change jobs?

A friend asked if I had seen a datacenterknowledge post.  i hadn’t .  Long time ago I used to follow what Matt Stansberry wrote, but now he is an Uptime Institute.  I used to follow Kevin Heslin, but he is now at Uptime Institute.  Another person I used to follow is Yevginey Sverdlik looks like he is at datacenterknowledge.  At least he has two posts that started with the one my friend sent.

Scott Noteboom: Technology Trapped in Real Estate Prison



Who is Yevgeniy? He is, was...

Yevgeniy Sverdlik

Regional Editor, North America, at DatacenterDynamics

San Francisco Bay Area
Media Production

And now he his two posts at DatacenterKnowledge.

I was just in LV with 130 other data center thought leaders.  I wasn’t in town for the data center conference and neither where most of the others. I’ll write another post on what we were in town for in a day or two.

I did run into a data center friend in the Caesar’s Forum shop area who I have had the pleasure of watching their software service grow and he was at data center conference in LV.  I asked him how the show was.  One of his presentations was good, the other he had maybe 25 people in the room.  Asked him the keynote was.  He said it was 1 1/2 long and had little substance.  That seemed strange for a keynote.  Then I saw the point that Yevgeniy wrote about.

He said he was trained by Apple not to talk about anything you were doing until you had something great to talk about, and has decided to keep things under wrap at LitBit until the time is right.

Ohh, that’s why the keynote had little substance. 

Knowing people and their perspectives allows you to better interpret what they write.