What's More Evil Nuclear Power or the People Who Implement Nuclear Power Poorly?

If you bring up Nuclear Power there are many who are anti-nuclear and bring up the danger of nuclear power.  The attacks are focused on nuclear as a thing and things don’t defend themselves.

Reading The Multidisciplinarian’s post on a Japanese Nuclear Reactor closer to the epicenter of the Mar 11, 2011 earthquake than Fukushima.

The Onagawa Reactor Non-Meltdown

On March 11, 2011, the strongest earthquake in Japanese recorded history hit Tohuku, leaving about 15,000 dead. The closest nuclear reactor to the quake’s epicenter was the Onagawa Nuclear Power Station operated by Tohoku Electric Power Company. As a result of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that destroyed the town of Onagawa, the Onagawa nuclear facility remained intact and shut itself down safely, without incident. The Onagawa nuclear facility was the vicinity’s only safe evacuation destination. Residents of Onagawa left homeless by the natural disasters sought refuge in the facility, where its workers provided food.

The excellent point is how the focus has been anti-nuclear as opposed to the cause by the regulators.

Despite these findings, the world’s response Fukushima has been much more focused on opposition to nuclear power than on opposition to corrupt regulatory government bodies and the cultures that foster them.

For more details check out this report.

Two scholars from USC, Airi Ryu and Najmedin Meshkati, recently published “Why You Haven’t Heard About Onagawa Nuclear Power Station after the Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, 2011,” their examination of the contrasting safety mindsets of TEPCO, the firm operating the Fukushima nuclear plant, and Tohoku Electric Power, the firm operating Onagawa.

Check out this youtube video of Onagawa to get an idea of Tsunami’s impact.