Cisco says it will Crush VMware

VMware caught a lot of companies flatfooted with the grow of server virtualization. VMware bought Nicira as part of virtualizing the network gear.  Cisco is trying not to make the mistake of not moving fast enough to head off VMware.

Business Insider reports on Cisco’s John Chambers goal to crush Vmware.

A cheerful John Chambers told Wall Street analysts on Wednesday that his plan to crush his biggest threat, a new technology led by VMware, is working well.


The network industry, where Cisco dominates, is at the cusp of a huge change called software-defined networking. That's where the high-end features built into expensive routers and switches are put into software that can run on cheap, commodity hardware.

The movement is being led by VMware and a startup it acquired in 2012 for $1.26 billion called Nicira. Nicra's founder more or less invented SDN.

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