Uptime Symposium's Cancellation of My Expo pass Confuses when Offered in the Past

I have gone to Uptime Symposium from 2008 until 2011, and in 2012 I was declined a media pass.  

Thanks so much for your interest again this year in attending Symposium. We have changed our policy in regards to press passes and will be limiting them to full-time (on-staff) journalists. I apologize for the inconvenience this may provide. You can still sign up for an Expo-only pass, which is free, which will grant you access to the exhibit hall, the Modular Data Center Campus, networking receptions and some sessions.

This year I signed up for the expo and my expo pass was cancelled because of a perceived conflict of interest.  In the invitation sent to me that many of you get there is wording that says if you are sponsoring or exhibiting you cannot get a expo pass.

The Complimentary Expo Hall Pass is not available if your company is sponsoring or exhibiting at Uptime Institute Symposium 2014.

Maybe on the invitations that get sent to me I’ll see this offer is not available to GreenM3 and Dave Ohara.  

I have received an amazing amount of support from my readers congratulating me on getting blacklisted by 451 Group. Thanks.

Now when people ask me whether I go to Uptime Symposium I can say I am blacklisted which ironically makes me stand out even more.  Thanks 451 Group, I take my exclusion as a compliment to being someone who stands out from the rest.

Off to 7x24 Exchange and Data Center Dynamics to see my data center friends which includes the event staff at 7x24 and DCD.